Lists, Timelines and Annotations: A digital archiving workshop with and pan/do.ra

12th August


Lists, Timelines and Annotations:   
A digital archiving workshop with and pan/do.ra

12 August 2023, 14-17h
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As part of the residency at AGIT, we will be hosting a practical workshop on 12th August to explore ways to collaboratively work on’s digital collection. During the session, we will learn how to become users of, grasp the basics of the pan/do.ra software, and create audiovisual and textual archival collections.

The focus of's residency has been to develop archival collections and digital infrastructure, as well as to digitise new videotapes that bear testimony to the resistance movement in Turkey from the 1990s to 2010s, which are now being erased. is an open-access archive, and the workshop aims to open up these archiving practices and inspire others to get involved in contributing to the collection and activating this important era of resistance.

The workshop will be conducted by collective members and the creators of pan/do.ra. If you are unable to attend in Berlin, please let us know, and there will be an option to join remotely.

To attend the workshop, please send us a brief email about yourself and why you would like to take part in the workshop. Participants will need to bring their laptops.

The workshop is free, but any donations to keep going will be gratefully received.