Publishing as Scaffolding, Part 2: Rab-Rab Press + Agit Press
Saturday 4th May, 19h


Publishing as Scaffolding
with Rab-Rab Press and Agit Press 

Saturday 4th May, 19h


“The scaffolding is not required at all for the dwelling; it is made of cheaper material, is put up only temporarily, and is scrapped for firewood as soon as the shell of the structure is completed.” 

Lenin, What is to be Done 

Join us for an event with Sezgin Boynik (Rab-Rab Press) and Rosemary Grennan (AGIT + Agit Press), who will be exploring how various types of print production have served as the scaffolding for past movements. Emphasising the transient, temporary, and collective nature of revolutionary, underground, and dissident publishing, the discussion will examine materialist approaches to both contemporary and historical practices of radical print.

We will be referring to the following texts, which you might want to look at before the event, although this is not necessary.

There will be a selection of posters from Rab-Rab Press on display during the event and books for sale!


Image: Minna Henriksson, Lentolehtiset / Leaflets. Kiila Feminist Archive, linocut, 2019.