Publishing as Scaffolding
with Rab-Rab Press
Spring 2024

During his Spring residency at Agit, Sezgin Boynik will work on the ‘Publishing as Scaffolding’1 project of Rab-Rab Press. The aim of the project is to emphasise the transient, temporary and collective characteristics of revolutionary, underground and dissident publishing. The project will research both the contemporary and historical manifestations of radical publishing.

Despite the fact that most radical publishing of the 20th century was produced in very unfavourable conditions of political oppression, censorship, economic precarity, and often in circumstances of clandestinity; these publishing practices introduced completely new forms in printing, typography, design, and distribution, as well as new forms of literary communities. ‘Publishing as Scaffolding’ will draw lessons from these transitory experiences.

During his stay in Agit, Boynik will organise a series of discursive events around radical publishing, including an event focusing on the first issue of Ultra-Red: militant sound investigations to be published by Rab-Rab Press, as well as an event on Ilya Zdanevich’s experimental writings, including his writings on political kitsch in Berlin. Parallel to these, Boynik will also introduce the work of Pykë-Presje, a collective from Kosovo, using radical print to challenge the ongoing nationalist revisionism in Balkans.

Sezgin Boynik is writer, editor and publisher based in Helsinki. He is founder of Rab-Rab Press and co-founder of Pykë-Presje.

1 Sezgin Boynik, 'Publishing as Scaffolding', in Lenin: The Heritage We (Don't) Renounce, edited by Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichorn and Patrick Anderson, Daraja Press, 2024, pp. 291-293. See Below